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Scents for the coming ages

In order for everyone to become more accustomed 
to incense, Osagawa Nisaburou Shoten offers new 
incense products.

The traditional Japanese culture kou (incense), which was once popular among the Japanese,
has declined significantly over time.
The reasons for this trend include the decrease in the numbers of aromatic woods and changes in
people's lifestyles with the passing of time.
Furthermore, it seems that people today consider incense to be somewhat "unfamiliar" and "unapproachable."
We at Osagawa Nisaburou Shoten want to pass the traditional scent to new generations through
the development of innovative incense products.
We propose and develop products that can easily fit into a user’s lifestyle such as spray, solid perfume,
soap, bath essence and incense that produces scent when dissolved in water.


This product line has been created using abundant
natural fragrances through a special mixing method
unique to the professional incense manufacturer.

  • Enjoy the subtle scent of incense similar to that
    which lingers in the room just after burning incense.
    Use it anywhere you like: in the hallway, bathroom,
    guest room and bedrooms.
  • Because there is no need for ignition, you can enjoy
    the scent of incense even in the car without worrying.


There are two kinds of scents, both of which
contain abundant Indian sandalwood and Oriental medicines.

  • Please apply this product directly onto your wrist and/or neck.
  • The famous traditional Japanese lacquer (rush) is
    used for the containers of the products.
  • In Japan, this scent is used when wearing kimono.


Embraced by the "scent of Japan," you can relax
while soaking in the warm, comfortable bath.

Incense herb soap

This incense soap is a handmade product created
through the use of carefully selected raw materials,
with all impurities removed.

By using patchouli for the raw material of this
incense soap, we've created a product that
moisturizes the skin but remains gentle.


Place Sawaka gently into the water.
It will foam and softly spread its scent.



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