"The Tradition We Have Inherited"

Our company has been continually manufacturing incense since 1854.
We have maintained traditions for creating scents in order to pass them on to posterity.
Traditional techniques have also been incorporated into our development of new products.
Our wholehearted promise is to provide to you the traditional scents of Japan which have been inherited from ancient times.

Our commitment

We are a wholesale provider of incense raw materials.
Good raw materials are indispensable for creating good scented products.
We carefully select our raw materials from all over the world in order to maintain the quality of our scents.

Product development

We manufacture new generation of scent products by maintaining traditional scent and conveying goodness of Japanese scent.
These include spray-type incense products which do not need to be lit, and kneaded perfumes, soaps and bath agents that use natural incense ingredients.
We formulate and develop products that are able to be easily incorporated into our daily lives.

Natural raw materials for scents

In recent years, the production of raw materials for making incense has decreased due to a variety of factors, leading to higher prices and lower quality for incense.
Despite this, we are dedicated to providing stable supplies of high quality raw materials for making incense by visiting our suppliers in order to directly inspect their raw materials and negotiate directly with them.

Creating our products

We manufacture incense, scents and fragrance sachets at our own factory.
From the purchasing raw materials through to compounding (manufacturing), inspection, packaging and shipment, we give our full attention and care to every stage in the process of creating our products.
While it is a time consuming process, we have a strong commitment to manufacturing incense using traditional methods.

Incense blending

The scents of agarwood and sandalwood are enhanced by mixing them with the scents of other ingredients which are obtained from throughout the world.
The key to creating pleasing scents is to gradually adjust the characteristics of the scent while bearing in mind how and who will be using the scent.
Scents cannot be easily conveyed by words or images, but we make every attempt to create scents which will remain in people's memories.