If you are looking for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)
of various incense items,
please leave it to us at Osagawa Nisaburo Shoten.

Three Strengths

Unparalleled authentic incense formulation capabilities

Natural aromatic raw materials handled by raw material expert

Careful attention to details from making samples

Unparalleled Authentic Incense Formulation Capabilities

Since our establishment in 1854, we have continued to create traditional Japanese “scents”.
We continue to preserve the "craftmanship" that have been passed down from craftsman to craftsman in order to pass on the traditional scents to future generations.

We are developing not only authentic traditional scent, but also a fusion of modern aromatic and Japanese scents.

If you supply us with oil fragrances, we can mix natural herbal medicinal ingredients for incense to create new scents.

We can also formulate Japanese oil fragrances.

Natural Aromatic Raw Materials Handled by Raw Material Expert

The quality of natural aromatic raw materials varies depending on the environment and weather conditions in which they are produced.
Therefore, we carefully select and purchase raw materials from the place of origin in order to secure consistent high quality by assessing the quality of scents.

By using raw materials that are mainly made from Chinese herbal medicines and are good for the body, the scents remains after the incense is burned and is gentle to the body.

Carful Attention to Details from Making Samples

We are committed to reducing the difference between the customer's image and our own through detailed discussions and the provision of samples.
We have a native English speaking staff member, so communication is smooth and stress-free.

If you have any questions regarding OEM, please contact us.

OEM procedure / process

Kick off MTG
  • Select the desired product

    When product is selected for your OEM product , proceed to quotation.

  • Scent consultation

    We can custom produce your original scent.

  • Consultation on production quantities

  • Consultation on packaging

    We do not offer packing service. Consultation will be for the product content and volume / sets.

Creating samples
  • Blending / Formulation

    Sample will be produced with the scent direction aligned at the kick off MTG.

Quality confirmation
  • Checking product scent and quality

    To check the samples scent and quality.

  • Quotation

    Upon acceptance of scent and product quality / final quotation will be produced.

  • PO

    Please place a PO after agreeing on the quotation.

  • Production

    Please note that it may take some time depending on the type of product and the quantity.

  • Delivery

    Ship and deliver the finished product.