New Incense Products


In order for everyone to become more
accustomed to incense, Osagawa Nisaburou
Shoten offers new incense products.

The traditional Japanese culture kou (incense), which was once popular among the Japanese,has declined significantly over time.

The reasons for this trend include the decrease in the numbers of aromatic woods and changes in people's lifestyles with the passing of time.

Furthermore, it seems that people today consider incense to be somewhat "unfamiliar" and "unapproachable."
We at Osagawa Nisaburou Shoten want to pass the traditional scent to new generations through the development of innovative incense products.

We propose and develop products that can easily fit into a people's lifestyle such as spray, solid perfume,soap, bath essence and incense that produces scent when dissolved in water.

Kiri no koh

Diffusing Japanese scents

These are spray-type scents which do not need to be lit.
They use an abundance of "natural fragrances" which are blended using the extensive expertise we have gained in our craft.
You can enjoy these scents in hallways, guest rooms and vehicles with a single spray.
They are the ideal product to help you relax in the bathroom or the bedroom.
Because they do not need to be lit, you can enjoy the scents with full confidence anywhere.
Kiri no koh サムネイル画像

Nurikoh wanokakokon

Japanese scents which you can apply directly

We blend Indian sandalwood with Chinese medicinal herbs to create incense which can be applied to the skin.
Please apply this product directly onto your wrist and/or neck.
The containers are coated using a traditional Japanese craft technique.
These scents can be used even in situations where strong scents are not suitable.
Nurikoh wanokakokon サムネイル画像

Incense soap

Specially hand made

This incense soap is a handmade product created through the use of carefully selected raw materials, with all impurities removed.
By using patchouli as a raw material in this incense soap, we've created a product that moisturizes the skin but remains gentle.
Incense soap サムネイル画像

Incense bath products

Heals mind and body

Soak yourself in a bath containing this bath agent to relax your body and soul while being surrounded by the scent of Japan.
Incense bath products サムネイル画像

Pocket koh

Carry incense with you

This is a pouch made from kimono cloth with incense inside.
You can carry your favorite scents with you in a clothes pocket or a bag.
Pocket koh サムネイル画像

Kiyome koh

Clear hand spray

The incense has been created using sandalwood oil and Chinese medicinal herbs which are blended using the extensive expertise we have gained in our craft.
In addition to the alcohol which cleanses your fingers, the scent of the incense heals your heart and mind.
Kiyome koh サムネイル画像